Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kid's Science Challenge

Can you make a skateboard that can climb stairs? Can you make ice cream that's cold but tastes hot? In the Kids' Science Challenge, we'll see ideas like these turned into realities. Each student who submits a winning entry gets to visit and collaborate with a scientist.

The Kids' Science Challenge is a nationwide competition designed to engage 3rd to 6th-graders in practicing science––and discovering how much fun it can be. Students will be able to submit experiments and problems to real scientists in very exciting, kid-friendly fields and then follow along as scientists and engineers attempt to do the experiments and solve these problems.

One Grand Prize will be awarded for each Scientific Field: Each winner shall receive the grand prize associated with his/her submission, in one of the following categories:
(i) Water Ecology: Research voyage on San Francisco’s Marine Science Institute vessel
(ii) SETI: Tour of the SETI Institute
(iii) Flavor: Tour of the Cadbury flavor research laboratory
(iv) Skateboarding: Skateboard factory tour and a demo by professional skateboarders for the winner’s school.

At, you'll find online games, fun videocasts and great prizes. Plus, any kid can track the progress of the competition. There are also curriculum-based activities for classrooms and after-school groups to follow along. With online activities and free hands-on science kits to the first thousand entries, kids can:
• test their local water supply
• decode a "message" from outer space
• find out if they or any of their friends are "super-tasters"
• try their hand (literally) at doing a fingerboard "Ollie," and learn about gravity and friction while they're at it!

For official rules and entry form click here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including the Kids' Science Challenge on your blog.
We'd love to see some entries from Alleghany County 4-H.

Warm Regards;
Jim Metzner, Producer
Kids' Science Challenge