Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 Horse Eligibility Card

NC 4-H Horse Program Logo
Attached you will find the 2017 Standard Operating Procedures and NC 4-H Horse Program Eligibility Card document.  Please be sure to review the SOP carefully as there are a few changes from last year.  Cards should be turned in to the Extension Office by February 24th.  Names will be cross referenced for registration and attendance at upcoming shows.  If you have any questions, please contact the Extension Office @ 336-372-5597. 

Horse Eligibility Card

Standard Operating Procedures - 2017 Horse Eligibility Card

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2017 Annual Form Updates

It's time once again to get all those forms updated.  You can find them all below or contact the office and we'll be happy to print off hard copies for you.  Every participant must have updated Enrollment, Medical and Media Releases in order to participate in any 4-H event. Looking forward to a wonderful 2017!!!

4-H Enrollment Form
4-H Medical Release 
4-H Photo Release 

Formulario de inscripcion
Información Médica de 4-H y Consentimiento Informado
Autorización Opcional Para los Derechos de Publicidad  de Fotografías, Videos y Audio

6th Annual Ski & Snowboard Trip

clipart of kids with snowboards
Who: Youth ages 8+ (under 12 requires a parent/guardian)
When: Friday, January 27th- 3:30 pm - 1 am
Where: Applachain Ski Mountain / French-Swiss Ski College
Cost: $30 Ski - $35 Snowboard This includes equipment & lift ticket.
(**Dinner on your own at the snack bar or $8 for chic-fil-A**)
Deadline to register: Monday – January 23.

We are getting ready to take our 6th annual ski/snowboard trip at the French- Swiss Ski College at Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock on Friday, January 27th. All youth ages 8+ (under age 12 requires a parent/guardian present) are eligible to attend. The cost will be $30 for skiing and $35 for snowboarding. Price includes equipment and lift ticket.  Clothing rental will be additional. Dinner will be available for purchase (approx. $8 from Chic-Fil-A) or you may eat on your own at the Snack Bar. You must let us know if you want dinner from Chic-Fil-A when you register.

We will leave the office at 3:30 p.m. and will return around 1 a.m. Spaces are limited so contact the office to register (336) 372-5597.

This is an excellent opportunity for first time skiers and snowboarders!!! The ski college is great with kids and provides first-timer lessons.

To see the slopes live visit:

Ski & Snowboard Registration Form.  

You must also have updated Enrollment, Medical and Photo Releases and pay your registration fee to hold you spot.  Spaces are limited.

4-H Enrollment Form
4-H Medical Release 
4-H Photo Release

Formulario de inscripcion
Información Médica de 4-H y Consentimiento Informado
Autorización Opcional Para los Derechos de Publicidad  de Fotografías, Videos y Audio

December Horse Program Newsletter

The December 2016 Issue of the NC 4-H Horse Program Newsletter is now available.  Visit the link to learn more about  4-H Horse Program events, activities and contests.  Several important deadlines and event details are described in the newsletter.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December Clover News

The December edition of the Alleghany Clover News is now available online.  

Click here to view.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017 Judging in January

Hosted by the North Carolina Junior Hereford Association

When:  January 28, 2017
Where:  NCSU Beef Educational Unit
              4505 Mid-Pines Rd
              Raleigh, NC 27603

Entry Form

Entries are due January 20th.

Cost: Participants - $12 for non-NCJHA members / free for NCJHA members coaches - $6 including additional adults

North Central District Winterfest 2017

snowman with clover

When:  January 7, 2017
Where: Guilford County Extension Office
Who: Youth ages 11-18 (must be 11 as of January 1)
Cost:  $20
Deadline to Register:  December 21, 2016

Join us for a day of exciting workshops and fun activities.  We will also be doing service activities and ending with a fun activity of either bowling or ice skating.  For more information or to register, contact the Extension Office @ 336-372-5597.  Transportation and lunch included in registration.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Horse Program Information

**Just as a heads up for a change to the 4-H HORSE communications contests (public speaking, individual presentation, team presentation) for this year: we will be holding these events separately from the state competition during 4-H Congress for this year only.  With 4-H Congress being so late in summer it is interfering with the horse 4-Her’s ability to compete at the Southern Regional 4-H Horse Roundup in the communications contests should they win and be selected to represent NC at the regional level (Southern Regionals is Aug 2-6).
This year only the 4-H HORSE communications contest category will be held in conjunction with the State 4-H Horse Show in Raleigh on Wednesday morning, July 5th.  Location TBD and will be announced as soon as we have one confirmed.
**If your county is going to have horse bowl teams you must turn in 40 questions to the Extension Horse Husbandry page by January 3rd (please check with your 4-H Agent if they have an earlier deadline).  Please find all details at the following links.
All of these links are on the Horsebowl contest page on our wesbite. 

**North Central District 4-H Horse Bowl Contest will be held on February 11, 2017 at Guilford County Extension Office.  Bowl Entry Forms are now available located at:

You will notice it is the state entry form with the district information added to it.  This will save you from having to complete a state form again later and it is a fillable pdf.  Please fill out completely and return to me at address/email on form no later than January 20th.

Volunteers Needed

Calling all horse folks . . . . or those that want to learn to be horse folks . . . .WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

We have 2 very large Holiday Classic Open Horse Shows that are fundraisers for our district 4-H horse program.  The shows continue to grow and grow which is a great thing, but we need YOUR help!

Please read the message below from Nan Garcia who has volunteered and helped do a lot of the background work with these shows.  We need to get other folks involved so if you think you could help in any way please let us know. ~ Morgan Maness - Rockingham County 4-H (Horse Liaison Agent)

Message from Nan:

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Christmas season. The Holiday Classic was a success again this year! Thanks so much to the few folks who came out to help and feed us - Angel Smith, Pam Holland, Kim Collins, Jerri Roberson, and Granville County's "On the Bit" club (sorry if I forgot anybody).

We really need more participation from members of the district. This show raises anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 in one weekend and we've had a disappointing turnout of youth and families who benefit from these funds. I'll be stepping down from several of the tasks I've been doing for the series, and the following listed items with specifics need to be picked up by someone. I'm happy to guide anyone through a transition period. I apologize for the lengthy email but there's a lot of information to cover.

SPONSORS - We need these! Clubs, youth, parents can ask anybody for $10 to sponsor a class or division. Most importantly, I need someone to agree to receive sponsor information. This will involve collecting checks and forms, deciding which class numbers get sponsored by which supporters (we often have several people wanting to sponsor the same class or same type of class), and compiling detailed information for whoever puts together the program.

SILENT AUCTION ITEMS - Some companies can much more easily give gift cards or items instead of cash. These make money for us too, and donors will be listed in the program. We need more solicitation at local businesses for support or donations.

VENDORS - The vendor person will receive vendor checks and requests, assign spots based on program loyalty, vendor needs, and order received. This information will be organized and passed along to Robin or someone with the riding team so they can mark spots on Thursday before the show.

PROGRAMS - This includes editing the class list with sponsors, formatting all ads, updating info about riding team members, judges, and key players, designing or tweaking the front cover, and sending a high quality pdf to a printer. I've historically used a combination of Excel (for the class list) and Adobe InDesign to get this done. Anyone with experience doing this who can step up would be much appreciated.

FORMS - The class list always needs to be changed and updated in April. All forms (vendor / sponsor, class list, entry forms, etc.) need the date changed for every show and then updated versions posted to the website or sent to whoever is in charge of the website. Any changes made by show management (usually notes added to the entry form or fees changed) will have to be covered as well.

WEBSITE - We use Weebly, which is ridiculously simple. I need someone to be in charge of posting patterns, editing info about judges, posting high point standings, adding pictures, and updating forms before each show. Sarah Akers did this for December and may be willing to continue?

FACEBOOK / FREE ADVERTISING - Anybody who can make educated and informative posts about the show series, add pictures,talk up what we do, educate followers on what the funds are used for, and promote the Holiday Classic in general is welcome to be added as an Admin on our FB page. I've stopped advertising the December show on Craigslist or other sites for obvious reasons. 

PATTERNS - Usually Coy is responsible for making the western patters. We could use someone to help with the jump course design. Once patterns are made, someone needs to put them in uniform format and make sure all class names, numbers, and day of the show (Sat / Sun) are on top of the patterns. These then need to be sent to the webmaster and posted on Facebook upon approval from the judges. Someone with pdf editing software and skills will need to step into this role.

STALLS - I would like for someone to start shadowing me or learning how to do the stall assignments and stall checks at the show. You will get phone calls about stalls starting in several months before the show and no matter how many places the stall chart is posted, people will still be in the wrong stalls. I'm not going to lie, this job is a serious pain and needs to be done by someone who can pay extreme attention to detail and be firm with people. 

Your help is much appreciated in advance! These specific items need to be covered pretty soon since the show is only four months away (April 22-23, 2017). Please email me if you're able and willing to step up and do any of them.
Nan's email is  -