Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Volunteers Needed

Calling all horse folks . . . . or those that want to learn to be horse folks . . . .WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

We have 2 very large Holiday Classic Open Horse Shows that are fundraisers for our district 4-H horse program.  The shows continue to grow and grow which is a great thing, but we need YOUR help!

Please read the message below from Nan Garcia who has volunteered and helped do a lot of the background work with these shows.  We need to get other folks involved so if you think you could help in any way please let us know. ~ Morgan Maness - Rockingham County 4-H (Horse Liaison Agent)

Message from Nan:

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Christmas season. The Holiday Classic was a success again this year! Thanks so much to the few folks who came out to help and feed us - Angel Smith, Pam Holland, Kim Collins, Jerri Roberson, and Granville County's "On the Bit" club (sorry if I forgot anybody).

We really need more participation from members of the district. This show raises anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 in one weekend and we've had a disappointing turnout of youth and families who benefit from these funds. I'll be stepping down from several of the tasks I've been doing for the series, and the following listed items with specifics need to be picked up by someone. I'm happy to guide anyone through a transition period. I apologize for the lengthy email but there's a lot of information to cover.

SPONSORS - We need these! Clubs, youth, parents can ask anybody for $10 to sponsor a class or division. Most importantly, I need someone to agree to receive sponsor information. This will involve collecting checks and forms, deciding which class numbers get sponsored by which supporters (we often have several people wanting to sponsor the same class or same type of class), and compiling detailed information for whoever puts together the program.

SILENT AUCTION ITEMS - Some companies can much more easily give gift cards or items instead of cash. These make money for us too, and donors will be listed in the program. We need more solicitation at local businesses for support or donations.

VENDORS - The vendor person will receive vendor checks and requests, assign spots based on program loyalty, vendor needs, and order received. This information will be organized and passed along to Robin or someone with the riding team so they can mark spots on Thursday before the show.

PROGRAMS - This includes editing the class list with sponsors, formatting all ads, updating info about riding team members, judges, and key players, designing or tweaking the front cover, and sending a high quality pdf to a printer. I've historically used a combination of Excel (for the class list) and Adobe InDesign to get this done. Anyone with experience doing this who can step up would be much appreciated.

FORMS - The class list always needs to be changed and updated in April. All forms (vendor / sponsor, class list, entry forms, etc.) need the date changed for every show and then updated versions posted to the website or sent to whoever is in charge of the website. Any changes made by show management (usually notes added to the entry form or fees changed) will have to be covered as well.

WEBSITE - We use Weebly, which is ridiculously simple. I need someone to be in charge of posting patterns, editing info about judges, posting high point standings, adding pictures, and updating forms before each show. Sarah Akers did this for December and may be willing to continue?

FACEBOOK / FREE ADVERTISING - Anybody who can make educated and informative posts about the show series, add pictures,talk up what we do, educate followers on what the funds are used for, and promote the Holiday Classic in general is welcome to be added as an Admin on our FB page. I've stopped advertising the December show on Craigslist or other sites for obvious reasons. 

PATTERNS - Usually Coy is responsible for making the western patters. We could use someone to help with the jump course design. Once patterns are made, someone needs to put them in uniform format and make sure all class names, numbers, and day of the show (Sat / Sun) are on top of the patterns. These then need to be sent to the webmaster and posted on Facebook upon approval from the judges. Someone with pdf editing software and skills will need to step into this role.

STALLS - I would like for someone to start shadowing me or learning how to do the stall assignments and stall checks at the show. You will get phone calls about stalls starting in several months before the show and no matter how many places the stall chart is posted, people will still be in the wrong stalls. I'm not going to lie, this job is a serious pain and needs to be done by someone who can pay extreme attention to detail and be firm with people. 

Your help is much appreciated in advance! These specific items need to be covered pretty soon since the show is only four months away (April 22-23, 2017). Please email me if you're able and willing to step up and do any of them.
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