Wednesday, March 20, 2013

North Central District Horse Show

The North Central District 4-H Horse Show information is now available.  
The horse show will be May 18-19, 2013 at the Horse Complex in Raleigh. 
I have attached all the forms as well as posted them (class list, entry form, stall request form and sponsorship form) on to the Rockingham County 4-H web site:
Look under 2013 North Central District 4-H Horse Show!
Just a few notes:
1.  You cannot send an open check (it is clearly stated on the entry form)
2.  We are able to take credit cards now.  You will see that info on the entry form.
3.  Entries need to be postmarked by April 26 to avoid a late fee.
Please help us sell sponsorships for the District show!  Selling sponsorships helps pay for show costs and enables us to keep show costs down so PLEASE HELP SELL!
We will be sharing facilities once again with the Wake County All Youth Open Horse Show the same weekend.  This would be an opportunity to maybe show at another show while you are at the facility.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WHEP (Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program) Team Forming

We still have room on the WHEP team for any 4Her who would like to join us.  For those who don't know, WHEP stands for Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program.  Team members practice and compete in four categories: wildlife identification, wildlife foods, wildlife habitat management, aerial photograph habitat interpretation.  Right now we have one junior team.  If we have enough participants we can easily extend that to two junior teams or add a senior team.  Any age child is welcome to practice with the teams and particiate on contest day if they wish.  However, to be on the teams you must fall into the appropriate age category as of Jan 1, 2013 (Last year).  Junior 9-13 years, Senior 14-19.  This year's contest will be held May 11, 2013 in Johnston County, NC.  Please notify Karowin Cassell at or 336-372-4968 by March 18 if you would like to participate.  We will begin practice soon.  Please visit the following website for more information.