Monday, October 13, 2008

4th Grade Farm Safety Day Success!

Farms are a great place for children to work and play but they can also be places where they can be seriously injured or killed. Homes in general hold many dangers to youth including but not limited to fire risks, ATV safety and what to do when a stranger contacts you online or on the phone. One way Alleghany Cooperative Extension along with Ashe Cooperative Extension is addressing the need to help youth learn about staying safe and healthy is by offering a 4th grade Rural and Community Safety Day. This year 124 Alleghany County fourth graders attended the event where they learned about farm animal, water, gun, environmental, household chemical, fire and ATV safety as well as the dangers of strangers and farm equipment. According to pre/post test results, youth showed an 11% improvement. Adult evaluations showed that teachers agreed this was a learning experience and appropriate for their age level.

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