Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Help choose ice cream flavor for 4-H Centennial

It's official -- the Top 10 flavors in our North Carolina 4-H Centennial Ice Cream Cone Test have been selected! In partnership with the NC State Creamery, North Carolina 4-H wants your help in selecting the flavor that will be featured as 4-H celebrates its centennial in 2009.

The top three flavors will be made in small batches at the creamery for a final taste test, and the Grand Champion will be announced this spring, just in time for a North Carolina heat wave and all the 4-H Centennial birthday parties across the state.

To help us choose, please follow the link to the survey below and select the flavor that sounds like winner to you.

The survey will be open until Oct. 31, so pass this link along to your faculty, staff, youth, volunteer leaders, friends and family. The more votes we have, the closer we will be to finding a flavor everyone is sure to enjoy.

With more than 60 entries, this was a tough job for the selection committee. Sarah Kotzian and Sarah Ray would like to thank Gary Cartwright, Carl Hollifield and Randy Kotzian for all their hard work!

Congratulations to the counties who are in the Top 10. Though the ice cream flavors are not listed by county name, the Top 10 flavors suggestions were submitted by the following counties, in alphabetical order: Buncombe, Chowan, Gates, Henderson, Johnston, Lenoir, Madison, Orange, Tyrrell and Union. At the end of the voting, we'll reveal what counties submitted the winning flavors.

The Top 10 flavors are:* Centennial Pie A la Mode (Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Bits and a Caramel Swirl)* 100 S'more Years (Chocolate Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pieces and Marshmallow Cream Swirl)* Centenimint (Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Pieces and Mint Swirl)* Clover Crunch (Chocolate Ice Cream with Caramel Crunch Pieces and a Butterscotch Swirl)* Centennial Clover de Mint (Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreo Cookie Crumbles and a Cream de Mint Swirl)* 4-H Cinnamontennial (Vanilla Ice Cream with Apples and a Cinnamon Swirl)* Centennial 4-H Mint Blast (Mint Chocolate Ice Cream with Oreo Chunks and Marshmallow Cream Swirl)* NC 4-H Centennial Sweet Tea (Tea Flavored Ice Cream with Mint Tea Cookies and Lemon Swirl)* 4-H Campfire Delight (Graham Cracker Flavored Ice Cream with Hershey Bar Chunks and Marshmallow Cream Swirl)* Mint 2 Be Green (Mint Ice Cream with Brownie Chunks and Fudge Swirl)

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