Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 NC 4-H Photography Contest


All entries must be submitted digitally or postmarked NO LATER THAN May 27, 2016.

NEW THIS YEAR: Please submit digital entries to
  • This exhibit is open to (and only to) all North Carolina 4-H members ages 9-19.
  • The same image may be entered in more than one category (if it applies to each category.)
  • Photos may be in color OR black-and-white.

Categories for the 2016 contest include the following:

4-H in Action: We’re looking for pictures that show us what happens at 4H events throughout the year. The key to winning this category is the action. We want to SEE what’s happening. If it’s a judging contest, we want to feel like we’re right in the middle of the action. If it’s meeting with legislators, then we want to feel like we’re so close we could shake that person’s hand. In other words, we want the photographer to get in close and show us what really happens when 4-H’ers get together for an event or activity.
Nature’s Beauty: Nature’s Beauty is always our biggest category. We had close to 100 entries last year in this category alone, so competition is fierce. Winners in this category are ultimately chosen because they exhibit superior technical skill, move in close to the subject and capture something really different. Some show beautiful things such as sunsets and flowers. Others create beauty from something unexpected (mushrooms, a turtle having a snack, a dragonfly with torn wings.) All contain strong composition, nice light and sharp focus on the subject.
Animals: Interpret this category any way you like. We'll be looking for creativity and originality in the content of the photos, as well as good technique. We want to see visual, graphic images of the animals most important in your lives every
day, whether pets, farm animals or wildlife.

Judging Criteria
Relevancy to Category Topic  Composition / Arrangement
Focus / Sharpness 

Full contest rules and more information can be found at the link:  NC 4H PHOTOGRAPHY

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