Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Zoo Snooze Update!!!

It was just brought to our attention there was a misprint on the Zoo Snooze.  We will be leaving at 4 pm on August 5th and returning at 5 pm on August 6th.   This is an overnight trip to the NC Zoo.  Sorry for the confusion.

August 5-6
NC Zoo - Ashboro
4pm August 5th ~ return 5 pm August 6th
Ages: 7-12
Cost: $35 ~ Limit: 4
Bring $20 for dinner on the way & lunch in the zoo

 Slither and slide your way into the secretive world of reptiles and amphibians at the NC Zoo. Discover the differences between these animals and what they can tell us about our environment. Spend the evening exploring the world of these elusive backyard creatures with games, activities and presentations. Invite a toad to live in your yard by building a toad abode


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