Friday, July 30, 2010

District Activity Day Winners

Recently four Alleghany 4-Hers traveled to Mecklenburg County to participate in a 17 county district-wide presentation competition. Youth can either do a poster or PowerPoint presentation from 5-12 minutes in length. Categories range from small and companion animals to careers and entrepreneurship to outdoor cookery. 4-Her's have be be at least 9 years old to participate competitively. Youth present to a room of judges, spectators and other presenters. After presenting, judges are then allowed to ask questions. Winners are awarded medals, cash prizes and scholarships to attend NC 4-H Congress.

Gretchen Huysman (not pictured) did a presentation entitled "Stream Restoration" including all the steps involved in a stream restoration project, cost, equipment and was a gold medal recipient. Khalil Lawson (left) spoke on "The Living Soil" and how we are destroying the very earth that supports life and was a silver medal winner. Mikayla Edwards (middle) taught the group about "Types of Fish in the Little River" and placed with a bronze medal, and Natasha Hamm (right) taught us how to pass, set, and spike with her presentation on volleyball entitled "In Your Face" and recieved a silver medal.

Gold and silver medal recipients are invited to present at state level competition in Raleigh during NC 4-H Congress. Congratulations to all of our winners.

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