Wednesday, August 6, 2008

North Carolina 4-H Centennial Ice Cream Cone-test

Calling all flavorologists! It’s time to get those brains concocting sweet treats for us to enjoy as we celebrate the Centennial of 4-H in North Carolina! In partnership with the NC State Creamery, 4-H is designing and producing our very own North Carolina 4-H Centennial Flavor, and we need your help! The winning county will receive an ice cream party with all the trimmings for 100. Don't forget! Entries are due to the Extension Office by August 22!!

Flavor Guidelines
Acceptable Flavor Combinations
• Only one background flavor (Examples: vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake, eggnog, lemon, strawberry, etc.)
• Only one inclusion (Examples: chocolate chips, cookie pieces, M&M's, cherries, etc.)
• Only one swirl ingredient (Examples:fudge, butterscotch, raspberry, etc.)
• Ingredients must be available as safe, legal food ingredients and readily available or easily prepared. Remember that many ingredients are available to the Dairy Processing Lab that are not readily available to the public.
• The ice cream does not have to incorporate all three above components. It may be a very creative background flavor alone, a swirl with no inclusions or any other combination.
• Example of an ice cream flavor that meets the above requirements : Sweet potato ice cream with graham cracker pieces and cinnamon sugar swirl
• No nuts or peanut butter may be a part of the combination.

Naming of the Creation
• The Ice Cream name should involve the North Carolina 4-H creative!
• The name must not be offensive or in poor taste

Judging Criteria
• Creativity
• Flavor acceptability
• Ability to Manufacture
• Name innovation
• Name / Flavor Harmony

You must submit an official ballot to be eligible. Please contact the extension office at 336-372-5597 or by e-email with any questions.

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