Friday, April 29, 2016

4-H Presentation Workshop

Who: Youth ages 5+
When: Friday, May 6  4-5 pm
Where: County Office Building - 90 S Main St.
Cost: FREE
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 4th

Want to learn more about 4-H presentations or maybe why you should want to do a presentation? Our County Presentation Day is just a few weeks away and this will help you get ready.  Learn things like:  how to choose my topic, posters vs. powerpoint and how to answer questions about your presention.

Ages 5-8 are non-competitive.  Also if you are wanting to attend NC 4-H Congress you must do a presentation to be eligible.

 We will be hosting a Presentation workshop on Friday, May 6th from 4-5 pm.  If you would like to learn about presentations and find out exactly what they are all about you don't want to miss out. Teen 4-Her’s that have presented at County, District and State Levels will be available to provide tips and advice on how to make a winning presentation and will answer your questions. You must register by Wednesday, May 4th.

You can register by calling the office @ 336-372-5597 or registering online at the link below:
Registration Link

Want to see what winning presentations look like,  visit the link:

Health and Fitness Presentation

Poultry Presentation

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