Thursday, January 14, 2016

4-H Horse Bowl Volunteers

We’re looking for a few good folks to help with the North Central District Horse Bowl competition scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 13th – would you be interested in lending a hand?

This year, the competition will be held at the Guilford County Extension Center located at 3309 Burlington Rd, Greensboro, NC 27405.  Registration is slated to begin at 9:00AM, and the competition will begin with an orientation at 9:45AM, followed by a contest start at 10:00AM.  This is a GREAT youth development event that impacts many youth across our district.  We plan to run two rooms in competition (2 divisions will be in one room depending on team numbers), but we are in need of the following volunteers to make this run as efficiently as possible:

·         Moderators – One per room for a total of two:  to read the questions and reset the buzzers (we prefer to have an experienced moderator who has volunteered before)
·         Judges – Two per room for a total of four :  decide if answers given (that are different from the answer listed in the question and answer key) are correct or incorrect
·         Score keepers – Two per room for a total of four:  keep up with how many points each team has (one individual and one team score keeper)
·         Door keepers – One per room for a total of two:  make certain that no one enters or exits the room during a match
·         Runners (usually a couple of teen 4-Hers) – to take score sheets to the tabulations room   

Would YOU consider helping us out at this event?  Do you have a veterinarian, farrier,horse trainer, etc. that you could contact to see if they would be willing to help us out for the day?  We will gladly provide volunteers with a free lunch in addition to the reward of helping these young people develop integral life skills.

If you are willing to help, please contact the Extension Office or email Amy at to sign-up.  

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