Tuesday, October 1, 2013

General Hugh Shelton Leadership Scholarship

The General Hugh Shelton Leadership Center is pleased to offer for the 10th year a major four-year college scholarship. Each year an incredible high school student will win this national scholarship. Many students have been selected from NC and one from as far away as Russia (actually a US student completing her high school experience overseas).Next year’s winner could be from your school!!

The mission of this initiative, housed at NC State University, is to “inspire, educate, and develop values-based leaders who are committed to personal integrity, professional ethics, and selfless service”.

We conduct scholarship programs, executive education trainings, leadership forums, and youth outreach programs.

As a part of the scholarship program we have endowed the General Hugh Shelton National Leadership Scholarship. Essentially, we are trying to identify and award America’s most outstanding high school student leader. The type of student leaders you are producing are exactly the ones who may be qualified and interested in pursuing this scholarship, valued at $10,000 per year (and renewable), plus an annual $2,000 stipend for external leadership experiences such as study abroad.

Please share this opportunity broadly.

The following website will provide a description of the scholarship, the criteria and theapplication, which is due by November 1.

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