Tuesday, May 1, 2012

USDA Multicultural Scholars Program Poultry Science Scholarship

Scholarship Overview: The Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University is pleased to announce that five USDA Multicultural Scholarships are available to minority students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Poultry Science at NC State University starting Fall 2013! Details about our undergraduate program can be found at:

Scholarship Eligibility:  Students must be rising seniors (currently juniors in high school) who will be applying to the Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University in Fall 2012 in order to matriculate in Fall 2013.  Students must gain acceptance to North Carolina State University Department of Poultry Science and undergo an application and interview process.  Students must pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Poultry Science and can select the Science or Technology Concentrations.  The majority of students who complete a B.S. in Poultry Science go on to become leaders in the state, national, and international poultry industry, veterinary school to pursue careers in poultry medicine, graduate school to pursue careers in research and education, and agricultural biotechnology.

Scholarship Details:
 Total Scholarship Package $40,000 over the course of a 4 year undergraduate career!!!!
·        $6,500 annual scholar tuition ($26,000 over four years)!
·        $2,500 annual cost of education  allowance ($10,000 over four years) to apply to attendance at conferences, field trips, educational activities!
·        $4,000 one time student experiential learning fund to an international externship in Poultry Science at an international university/organization!

If interested in applying, please contact Dr. Jackie Golden by emailing:

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