Monday, September 12, 2011

NC State Fair

The NC State Fair is fast approaching and there are lots of opportunities that 4-H’ers can participate in at the State Fair.

You can view the premium book online at:

For the Entry Deadlines - please refer to the Deadlines listed under each section. You must register online by September 23 this year. This is for everything so don’t miss this opportunity.

4-H Division IV - 4-H Competitions

Please note that items must be brought to the State Fair – Educational Building by Monday NOON this year. This is a new time frame. We will be judging Tuesday October 11 beginning at 8:30 so we must have all items by NOON on Monday in order to organize them for judging. It would be very helpful for us if you can bring them as early as possible. We open on Wednesday October 5th at 8:00 am. So please don’t wait til the last minute to bring them. We are even open on the weekend. Once we open on October 5th – we stay open for entry drop off October 5 – October 10th at NOON.

Listed are:

4-H Crafts

4-H Decorated Cakes

4-H Photography

4-H Entomology

4-H Hay Bale Decorating ( 1 per county)

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