Friday, February 18, 2011


Host Families needed for Japanese Exchange Students

The NC 4-H International Exchange will be hosting 20 Japanese students and 2 chaperons this summer, Sunday, July 24 through Friday, August 19. (These are the pick-up and drop off dates for host families.) Families wishing to host a student from Japan should turn in applications to their County Extension Office by April 15th.

Please remember that all inbound month long students are required to stay with families that have a host sibling of the same gender, within 2 years of the same age, and have similar interests. The student must have their own bed, but it is not necessary to have their own room.

Host families are responsible for all meals, transportation to and from the designated pick-up and drop-off locations, supervision and other family activities. Students are responsible for all souvenirs. Health insurance is provided for the students. Money is available to pay for the student to attend camp with their host sibling.

We encourage families to conduct their normal activities but to make sure that the student is introduced to the community and the family. Families should take their student to the grocery store, have them visit the grandparents house if appropriate and close proximity, introduce them to neighbors and friends, go to 4-H meetings, take them to church if the family is a church goer etc... It is not required that the family plan special vacations.

Applications, reference forms, disclosure forms and supplemental data sheets may be found by going to the Randolph County Cooperative Extension web site and clicking on the NC 4-H International Exchange link at the top of the page, then clicking on forms. The direct link to the site is HERE

Please note that all families must provide a minimum of two (preferably three) non-family references that are sent directly to my attention and adults ages 18 and older living in the home must be criminally background checked before doing an in-home interview.

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