Saturday, January 8, 2011

Outbound Exchange Opportunities

Below are the 2011 Outbound Exchange Opportunities. There is a very quick turn around so if you are interested contact the office ASAP. The exciting opportunities include travel to Japan, Argentina, Costa Rica, Australia or Finland, or you can host an Exchange student from another country. North Carolina 4-H offers you some fantastic opportunities through the 4-H International Exchange Program. For more information and forms click HERE or contact the Extension Office at 336-372-5597. Deadline for Outbound Exchange Opportunities is January 17, 2010.
Ages are as of date of travel.

Japan for 8 weeks (includes 4 weeks of language school) recommended age 15 to 18. Approximately $4900.00. Departure June 9- Return August 4

Japan for 4 weeks. Ages 15 to 18 if never hosted. Ages 13 to 18 if hosted. Approximately $3900.00. Departure July 6, Return August 4

Australia for 4 weeks. Ages 16 to 19. Youth will stay on a sheep or dairy farm. Approximately $5000.00. Departure June 15, Return July 14

Costa Rica for 4 weeks. Ages 15 to 18. Approximately $2,900.00.
Departure June 18, Return July 16

Finland for 4 weeks, Ages 15 to 19. Approximately $3600.00. Departure June 25, Return July 27.

Argentina for 4 weeks. Ages 15 to 19, only seven delegates will be selected to travel from the United states as this is a pilot program. Approximately $3900.00. Departure July 7, Return August 7 .

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