Monday, June 1, 2009

West Central Distrist Activity Day

It's still not too late to get in on WC District Activity Day!!!

When - June 24, 2009

Where - Catawba County

Location – We had a change in location and we will have District Activity Day at Grandview Middle School. The school is located at 451 Catawba Valley Blvd SE in Hickory. If you are somewhat familiar with hickory, the school is located near Valley Hills mall. We just confirmed this location last week after an unexpected problem with the school we had previously planned to use.

Food Prep. Area – The school we are using has limited food preparation area. I think we will have 2 food prep. rooms but they each only have one stove and limited refrigerators available (one small refrigerator). Please warn any 4-H’ers doing food presentations to plan appropriately. I am sorry, but the last minute change limited our options of schools.

Parking – Since this is a middle school, parking spaces are limited. Please encourage your families to carpool or maybe ride the Extension van, if you bringing one.

Cloverbud Presentations – I hope everyone is aware that we are allowing cloverbuds to attend District Activity Day and give their presentations. Another district has tried this as a way to encourage and build some future presenters and we have received approval to allow it to be part of the WC district event this year. I hope it will be a positive experience for your younger 4-H’ers.

We can send up to 4 cloverbud 4-H presentations. These presentations should be no longer than 5 minutes and they may be on any topic, but no live animals. There will be 2 rooms for cloverbud presentations and I plan to put 5-6 year olds in one room and 7-8 in another room. They will receive ribbons for participation and these will be presented in the room immediately after the child gives their presentation.

The judges in these room will be some kid-friendly adults that have experience working with younger children and there will also be some older 4-H teens that have been presentation participants.

Lunch – Lunch will be $5 and will be choice of a grilled hamburger or hotdog plate. Lunch is provided by our cattleman’s association.

If you are interested in partipating, please contact the Extension Office by Monday, June 10.

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