Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009 Dairy Poster Contest

The theme for the 2009 Dairy Poster Contest is "Fuel Up with Milk - June Dairy Month ". Youth should incorporate this theme into their posters. You can see the June Dairy theme and logo here. Please note the following rules:

1. Competition in this contest will be conducted on an individual basis in Division I (9-12 years of age), Division II (13-15 years of age), and Division III (16-19 years of age) at the county and state level. Youth in Division IV (5-8 years of age) will participate on a non-competitive basis at the county level only.
2. Posters should be a standard 22" X 28" size.
3. Posters MUST NOT contain copyright material such as cartoon characters, etc.
Individual county winners will be sent on to the state competition.

All posters at the state competition in Division I, II, and III will be displayed in a prominent place at the Junior Dairy Show in the Jim Graham Building at the NC State Fair.
The following awards will be provided to state winners in Division I, Division II, and Division III by the Southeastern United Dairy Industry Association (SUDIA):

• First Place: $100 cash
• Second Place: $75 cash
• Third Place: $50 cash
Deadline for entries is June 1st. Entries must be submitted to the Extension office in person at 90 S. Main St, Sparta NC. For more information contact the Extension Office at (336) 372-5597.

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